Helmholtz Coils – Closed-Loop Calibration Systems

Helmholtz Coils – Closed-Loop Calibration Systems

Billingsley Aerospace manufactures Helmholtz Calibration Systems in 2 standard models. We can design a custom system to meet the specific requirements of your program.  We can vary dimensions, field measurement range and supporting systems.

Our standard Helmholtz coil systems use our APEX-CS closed-loop servo controller. The BA&D APEX-CS Helmholtz controllers have touchscreen technology.  The closed-loop servo maintains the magnetic fields at the coil center to the exact desired level.  This is possible, even in the presence of large changes in the background magnetic field. Background magnetic field changes are common and can be caused by numerous sources. Typical sources of change would be a diurnal variation in Earth’s field or the nearby movement of automobiles or large ferrous objects. If these changes were not canceled, they would appear as errors in the instrument and reliable testing would not be possible.  We maintain the accuracy of our Helmholtz calibration systems by regular calibration with a Proton Magnetometer Absolute Standard.

The excellence of our closed-loop Helmholtz Coils/ magnetic calibration systems have been recognized by customers such as the NIST (US National Bureau of Standards), NPL (British Bureau of Standards), The Czech Technical University, Cobham Vision Systems, L3 Harris, Analog Devices, Ultra Electronics Maritime, Boeing, Boston University, University of Toronto, Leonardo DRS, Wilcoxon, Allied Signal, Magnavox Corp., Chrysler Corp., Digicourse Corp., Ithaco Corp., Westinghouse Oceanic, Thomson Sintra in and many others..

  • HELM-3 – One Meter Triaxial Helmholtz Coil
  • HELM-3-2 – Two Meter Triaxial Helmholtz Coil
  • APEX-CS – Precision Closed-Loop Magnetic Field Calibration System

Setup – Calibration at your location:

Our 1-meter system is shipped fully assembled in a custom-made crate. The APEX-CS closed-loop servo controller is mounted to the coil prior to shipping. The APEX-CS is very easy to calibrate. Customers can easily be operational within hours of receipt without additional assistance from BA&D.

Our 2-meter system is shipped in a crate with the 3 coil pairs unassembled. We provide a detailed manual so that the customer can assemble themselves relatively easily. It requires 2 or 3 people for 6-8 hours (typically). Everything is clearly labeled and very straightforward.

Customers wishing for on-site support for assembly and/or calibration can be provided for that service. We will quote for the service at the time we quote for the system or when service is required.

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