Onsite Setup & Calibration

On-site Setup and Calibration

Billingsley Aerospace & Defense can provide on-site setup and calibration of our Helmholtz Coil Systems at your request.

Our 1-meter system is shipped fully assembled in a custom-made crate.  The APEX-CS closed-loop servo controller is mounted to the coil prior to shipping.  The APEX-CS is very easy to calibrate. Customers can easily be operational within hours of receipt without additional assistance from BA&D.

Our 2-meter system is shipped in a crate with the 3 coil pairs unassembled.  We provide a detailed manual so that the customer can assemble themselves relatively easily.  It requires 2 or 3 people for 6-8 hours (typically).  Everything is clearly labeled and very straightforward.  

Customers wishing for on-site support for assembly and/or calibration can be provided for that service.  We will quote for the service at the time we quote for the system or when service is required.