The Billingsley Aerospace facility is state-of-the-art, and is comprised of a recently updated 500 square foot “quiet laboratory” which is remote from the main building and an additional 1,800 square feet of lab and office space.

Our laboratory is completely equipped for assembly and characterization of magnetic sensing equipment. It is highly automated and has two closed loop Helmholtz Coil Systems , both are 2.2 meter coils. The coil in the quiet laboratory has a non-magnetic, thermal chamber for testing magnetometers from -15 to +85 degrees C in ambient pressure.  These systems facilitate the testing of large numbers of instruments rapidly, accurately and with complete reporting capabilities.

BA&D Helmholtz coil systems use our APEX-CS  “closed loop” servo controllers. These controllers are unparalleled in the industry.  They maintain magnetic fields at exactly at the desired level, even in the presence of large changes in the background magnetic field.

In addition to our standard products, Billingsley Aerospace offers the following services:

  • design and manufacture of reliable, high-quality magnetic field instrumentation customized for your program’s requirements
  • calibration of many manufacturer’s magnetic instrumentation
  • magnetic site-surveys at your location
  • on-site setup and calibration of our Helmholtz Coil Systems
  • testing facility rental
  • consulting, application assistance