Why Choose Us

Our experience tells the story.  Bill Billingsley, our director of Research & Development continues to develop magnetometers that represent the current state-of-the-art.  BA&D developed two new digital fluxgate magnetometers in 2019.  The DFM32 is ideal for military applications and laboratory use.  The DTFM100S is a digital, fluxgate magnetometer designed specifically to address the satellite constellation market.

Our magnetometers are used in countless major satellite missions, as onboard degaussing systems for submarines, to defend our harbors and ranges, in laboratories, in geophysical exploration and myriad other applications.  We can do it all.

We have been designing and producing  fluxgate magnetometers, gradiometers and closed loop Helmholtz Coil Systems for decades.  We continue to invest in the research and development necessary to push the state-of-the-art in sensor sensitivity, stability, and low noise performance.

Our reliability and customer loyalty is unparalleled.  BA&D has supplied hundreds of instruments to the U.S. Navy for their underwater ranges without a failure in field usage and has a very extensive flight heritage for their attitude control magnetometers. We are very proud of the loyalty our repeat customers continue to show us.

BA&D is widely recognized by respected members of the scientific community. For example, IBM’s Watson Research Center and the Czech Technical University in Prague, are working on separate collaborative research projects with BA&D to develop fundamental improvements in the fluxgate mechanism. Additionally, we have participated in SBIR programs in the past and are currently involved in the development of new instruments for DARPA.

In addition to our standard products, BA&D designs, develops and manufactures magnetic field instrumentation to customer’s specifications. We also perform environmental testing, magnetic site surveys, instrument recalibration services and technical consulting.

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