Two Meter Triaxial Helmholtz Coil

Helm-3 Helmholtz Calibration System


2.2 Meter Triaxial Helmholtz Coil System suitable for magnetometer calibration and testing as well as general laboratory or field magnetic measurement work.

Axial AlignmentOrthogonality better than ± 0.1 degrees
Magnetic Constant75,000 nT/AMP Nominal
Calibration Accuracy± 0.01% at Coil Center
Field Uniformity< 0.025% Gradient in a centrally located 20 cm sphere
< 0.005% Gradient in a centrally located 10 cm sphere
Geometry(3) Nested Rectangular Coil Pairs
DimensionsLargest Dimension of Coil is 215 cm2
Weight114 kg
ConstructionAll non-magnetic materials; coils are electrically isolated to prevent eddy current loops.

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