Magnetometer News & Events

NEW – DFM-32 Digital Fluxgate Magnetometer

Billingsley Aerospace & Defense is very proud to introduce a 32-bit Digital Fluxgate Magnetometer.

Key Features:

  • Fast, > 62k Samples per second. Low inter-channel latency.
  • SINC and LC Anti-aliasing filters give >100 dB rejection of fluxgate drive frequency feed through.
  • Allows 3 kHz, wide band operation and extremely low noise ≤ 5 pT RMS/Hz @1Hz (Single Domain Model), (A/D noise floor 2.6 pT).
  • High Resolution
  • Ultra reliable, compact housing.
  • Magnetic Signature Analysis

Recommended applications:

  • Magnetic Signature Analysis
  • Underwater Surveillance or Degaussing Ranges
  • Moving Platforms – High conversion speed, low inter-channel latency for ROV.  Excellent dynamic heading accuracy.
  • General Laboratory
Calibration News & Events

APEX-CS Gets touch screen technology!

Billingsley Aerospace & Defense is very pleased to announce the incorporation of touch screen technology on our very popular APEX-CS Helmholtz Controller and Magnetic Calibration System.  This upgrade eliminates the need for a keyboard to apply desired magnetic fields for this system.  The APEX-CS is un-rivaled.  It is a powerhouse magnetic field calibration and control system used worldwide by companies needing to perform in-house magnetic field characterization and measurement.

APEX-CS Calibration