32-Bit Digital Magnetometer


DFM32 In Clamp

Billingsley Aerospace & Defense, Inc. is proud to introduce our new, state of the art, 32-bit Resolution Digital Triaxial Fluxgate Magnetometer, the DFM32.

The DFM32 offers the highest digital resolution of any fluxgate magnetometer in existence. SINC and LC Anti-aliasing filters give >100 dB rejection of fluxgate drive frequency feed through. This allows 3 kHz, wide band operation and extremely low noise.  As with its predecessors, the DFM24G and DFM28G digital magnetometers.  The DFM32 digital fluxgate magnetometer is ultra reliable.   All functions both digital and analog housed in a lightweight, compact chassis or underwater housing as required by user.

Key Features of the DFM32 digital fluxgate magnetometer are:

Fast, > 62k Samples per second
High Resolution. Magnetic Signature Analysis

Recommended applications:

  • Magnetic Signature Analysis
  • Underwater Surveillance or Degaussing Ranges
  • General Laboratory.
  • High conversion speed, low inter-channel latency for ROV or other moving platforms. This allows for excellent dynamic heading accuracy.
  • Target identification and Spectral analysis :
    • Fully integrated with an FFT Spectral analysis capability, including most Windowing functions such as Hanning, Hamming, Blackman, etc.
    • ADC sample rates and SINC filter settings are selectable. This allows the setup to be optimally tailored for a wide range of signal analysis applications
DFM32 Fast Fourier Transform (FFT)
FFT of a 2 Hz square wave with an amplitude of 6 nT peak to peak

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